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New from version 1.14.0 onwards

As from programming software version 1.14 the following features have been added:

Programming the Niko Home Control mini detector 550-20220. It can be selected as input or condition or can be used in an action as a light sensor, motion detector when it's both light and dark, or a motion detector only in the dark. The switch-off delay can be programmed, as well as the light intensity to which the detector responds. It is also used to set the sensitivity of the motion sensor. The following examples will help to inspire you for the programming and setting of the mini detector:

·         mini detector for dimmable outdoor lighting

·         adapting the sensitivity of a mini detector

·         using the mini detector as an absence detector

·         consulting light intensity value of a mini detector via the diagnostics page

The following improvement has also been introduced:

·         maintaining user settings when uploading programming

Reminder: the following new applications have already been added in previous versions:

From programming software version 1.13 onwards, installations equiped with the new connected controller can be programmed.

In addition, the following features have been added:

  • consult the upload status of an existing project
  • the properties screen in the Creation window now also includes info on the cabinet module each output is assigned to

As from programming software version 1.13.1 the following features have been improved:

  • faster to add several players to an action
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