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Ignore missing modules and controls when uploading the programming


This step-by-step plan explains how to upload the programming to the installation before all modules or controls have been installed.

Starting point

The starting point for this step-by-step plan is a project which already encompasses Project information, for which a plan was already drawn up or uploaded and where several inputs, outputs and actions have already been added. The present modules and controls have been addressed.

Step 1: Upload the programming

  • Go to Realisation in the menu bar at the top.
  • Click on the Upload tab in the pane.
  • Tick the Ignore the missing modules and controls box.
  • Click on upload at the bottom of the screen.

A pop-up screen appears with the list of modules and/or controls that were missing during the upload and consequently were not programmed.

  • Click on OK.

Step 2: Possible error message: 'Programming error'


he upload should now be successful. However the error message 'programming error' sometimes appears. If this error message does not appear, you can skip this step and go to 'Result'.

The reason for the error message is that previously addressed modules and controls cannot be bypassed. If a component is not present in the physical installation (e.g. a push button), but does already have an address in the implementation, the upload will not be successful. Possible causes are:

  • a component was previously in the installation, but was later taken out without the address being removed
  • the address of a component was entered manually, but was not (yet) physically connected to the installation
  • a component is already addressed and present in the installation, but due to a poor connection, it is no longer detected
In other words, to be able to proceed with the upload, you must ensure that every addressed component is physically present in the installation or that the addresses of non-present components are removed.


The programming is now uploaded to the installation, with the exception of the missing modules and controls.

Under Project information in the menu bar at the top an exclamation mark appears before Upload status.

  • Click on view for more information.

A pop-up screen appears with the modules and controls missing the last time the file was uploaded.

  • Click on OK to close the screen.

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