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Swap actions between two buttons


This step-by-step plan explains how you can swap the actions connected to two different buttons. This may involve two buttons on the same input, or two different inputs. As an example, we will swap the action connected to the bottom left button of a 4-fold push button to which no action is connected, with the bottom right button ('All lights').

Starting point

The starting point for this step-by-step plan is a project which already encompasses Project information, for which a plan was already drawn up or uploaded and where several inputs, outputs and actions have already been added.

Step 1: Select the buttons you wish to swap

  • Go to Creation in the menu bar at the top.
  • In the right-hand pane, below Players click on swap two inputs.

  • The pop-up screen Swap inputs appears.

  • Select the first input you want to swap in the list in the pop-up screen.

With multiple push buttons, an icon indicates which button it concerns.
Inputs to which an action is connected, are followed by the information icon (a cursive i in a circle). If you move your cursor over the icon, you can see which action is connected to the input.
  • The selected input is highlighted and a second list with inputs appears.
  • Select the input you wish to swap with from the list on the right.

You only see inputs for which a swap is possible.

Step 2: Swap the buttons

  • Click on Swap at the bottom.
  • Do you want to swap more inputs? Repeat the previous steps.
  • Are you done? Click on close.


The actions connected to the buttons have been swapped. The action 'All lamps' is now connected with the bottom left button, no action is connected to the bottom right button.

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