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Adapting the sensitivity of a mini detector (from softwareversion 1.14 onwards)


Detectors can sometimes detect too much or too little. In this guide we explain how to adapt the sensitivity and detection range.

There are two ways to do this: using the Niko Home Control programming software or with the help of a 'shield'.

Starting point

Adjusting the detection range:

The mini detector is supplied with a 'shield'. This shield can be placed on the detector to cover half of the lens. This means that the detector will detect movement in the required area, but not in other areas. This can be handy to avoid the light switching on in the garden when the neighbours receive visitors.

Adapting sensitivity:

The starting point for this step-by-step guide is a project which already encompasses Project information, for which a plan was already drawn up or uploaded and where several inputs, outputs and actions have already been added.

Run through the steps in Adding new project and then Drawing a plan or Upload a background image if there is no existing project.

Adapting the sensitivity of the sensor.

  • Click on Creation at the top of the screen.

  • Click on the mini detector in the plan for which you wish to adapt the sensitivity.

  • Adapt the motion sensitivity. It is possible to choose between high, medium high, medium low and low.

The motion sensitivity is related to the detector's detection area - the greater the detection area, the greater the sensitivity to movement. The standard sensitivity setting is high. If you notice that the detector is detecting too frequently then you can decrease the sensitivity. If you notice that the detector is not detecting sufficiently then you can increase the sensitivity.


  • Click on save to return to the Creation start screen.


The detector's motion sensitivity has now been modified.

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