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Upload a background image

If you have an image of the plan, you can upload it.

This saves you some or all of the work of creating a plan drawing.  

The image file must fulfil these requirements:

  • file type: JPEG, JPE, JPG or PNG;
  • maximum size: 800 kB;
  • maximum resolution: 16 megapixels;

Keep the background image simple: monochrome and without colour, shading, technical annotations or icons. Too much information can be disruptive during programming.

Click on draw.

Click the background image tab.

Click on select and upload an image.

The file browser starts up.

Go to the location of the file and select it.

As a default, the image is uploaded at the upper left of the screen. You cannot move it.

Using the functions in the menu in the right-hand section of the screen, you can invert and rotate the image as well as change its opacity. The scale of the image can also be adjusted.

It is advisable to have four large grids (2 x 2) correspond to 1m² in actual scale.
Do not make any more changes to the scale of your background image once you have added inputs and outputs to it. These elements do not scale up and down with the image!

Supplement the ground plan, if necessary, with the drawing function on the draw tab

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Project information step.

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