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Programming the push button with LED(s) and comfort sensors

Temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature sensor can be programmed as an input for multi-zone control (heating/cooling and ventilation) and allows you to increase your energy efficiency while maintaining overall comfort.
Furthermore, temperature values can be used as an input in a condition. As from 2.20 humidity values can also be used.
Just add one (or both) value(s) to the IF statement.

As of version 2.20 of the programming software, you will be able to visualise the temperature/humidity value in the Niko Home app. 
You simply need to activate the visualisation for a mobile app profile in the 'Dashboard' menu.
This feature allows the temperature to be visualised if a button has not yet been added to a 'climate control' routine.

You can visualise the temperature or humidity sensor value of a specific push button on the Digital black.
Use the Niko Home app to select this view in the visualisation settings of the Digital black in question.

Button function

Use the Niko Home Control programming software to assign a basic action or a routine to each action button. 

Feedback LED behaviour

Configure the feedback LED behaviour for a basic action in the Niko Home Control programming software. It can be set to:

  • provide either direct or inverted feedback on a basic action/routine

  • serve as an orientation light (= 'Always ON')

  • 'Always ON'

  • 'Always OFF'

The default behaviour of the feedback LED is determined by the type of basic action/routine linked to an action button.
Bear in mind that some dedicated routines have a fixed LED behaviour.

Physical button addressing

Each action button has a unique address and needs to be assigned to a button created in the programming software.
This address is registered during the addressing phase by pressing one of the action buttons.
Via an upload, it is stored on the connected controller for further operation.

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