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Programming the Digital black, 24 V

The Digital black, 24 V can visualise up to 12 controls. Using the Niko Home app, you can easily change the visualisation and choose which actions, routines and/or sensors are displayed on the Digital black.


Use the Niko Home app to manage the controls.

  1. Go to Settings > Devices > Digital blacks

  2. Choose the Digital black for which you want to add or edit the controls. If it is not on the list, you first have to connect the Digital black to your Niko Home Control installation.

  3. Select and deselect controls, as you wish. Click Next to confirm.

You can only select:

  • existing actions and routines that are programmed in your Niko Home Control installation,

  • climate sensors that are activated for at least one mobile app profile in the programming software via the ‘Dashboard' menu. Ask your professional installer for help.

  1. Drag and drop the controls to change the order of the controls. Click Next to confirm.

  2. Choose the visualisation for the Digital black: carousel or grid view.

You can watch the tutorial here:

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