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Digital black, 24 V


Digital black is a completely customisable control screen for Niko Home Control with an extremely user-friendly interface featuring clear symbols. The screen is automatically activated when your hand comes near. That way, you can switch or dim your lights, set moods, set ventilation modes, adjust blinds and sun blinds to the desired position, in one operation. In short, all possible Niko Home Control control types are available.

As this Digital black 24V variant is equipped with a temperature sensor and algorithm, it can be programmed as a zone-thermostat when linked to a Niko Home Control heating or cooling module (550-00150) or switching module (550-00103 or 550-00106) programmed for electrical heating. When the Digital black is used as a thermostat, you define the set points and week programs in the Niko Home app.





Required parts

A complete Digital black, 24 V consists of the following parts:

  • Digital black, 24 Vdc, claw fixing 550-18000
  • Digital black, 24 Vdc, screw fixing 550-18001


  • The Digital black, 24 V can be used to control actions and routines programmed in your Niko Home Control installation on both bus wiring or traditional wiring systems.
  • The Digital black can visualise up to 12 controls.

The Digital black, 24 V supports the following controls:

  • On/off
  • Dimming
  • Blinds, shutters and stores
  • Ventilation
  • Audio
  • Moods
  • Temperature visualisation for the Niko Home Control thermostat (550-13050) on bus wiring. The Digital black only shows the control and is not using its built-in sensor and algorithm part. To use Digital black as a zone thermostat see the Thermostat function page.
  • Reynaers sliding window control (for Niko Home Control installation with connected controller)
  • Velux window control (for Niko Home Control installation with connected controller)


With the Niko home app you can do the following:

  • You can select, edit and re-order controls

  • You can visualise up to 12 controls.
  • You can change the visualisation of the controls. Currently, 2 views are supported:
    • Carousel view
    • Grid view




Article number


Power supply24 Vdc (SELV)
Maximum power consumption5.5 W
Power consumption (standby)1 W
Mounting methodWall flush-mounting, screw or claw
Mounting height110 - 160 cm
Weight70 g
Ambient temperature0 – 40 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mechanism)75 x 70 x 23.6 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) (screen)83 x 83 x 11.5 mm
Screen size3.6”
Screen resolution1024 x 768 pixels
Screen brightnessAutomatic
Proximity sensor0 - 30 cm
Modification of settingsNiko Home Control programming software
ConfigurationNiko Home app
CommunicationWi-Fi 2.4 GHz bgn (HT20)
System compatibilityNiko Home Control II
Maximum frequency power15.19 dBm
Maximum number of Digital blacks per installation20
Wire capacity2 x 0.5 – 1 mm2
Protection degreeIP40
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