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Starting point


The uploading of an installation takes place in several steps. 


DescriptionPossible resultAction


Check the configuration.

The configuration is incomplete.

To ignore the warning: click on Continue.

To remove the warning: solve the problem in the Create, Fill cabinet or Address menu.
Validation is OK.Automatically on to step 2.


 Connect Check the connection between the connected controller and the computer. There is no connection.Check whether the connected controller and the computer are connected correctly and click on Retry.
There is a connection.Automatically on to step 3.
3Check for upgradesCheck the firmware of the connected Niko Home Control installation for upgrades.

More recent firmware is available.

Automatically on to step 4.

No more recent firmware is available.Automatically on to step 5.
4UpgradeShow more recent firmware versions and estimated time.N/A

Click on Start upgrade at the bottom to upgrade the installation.
During the upgrade you can follow the progress here.

5UploadUpload the configuration to the installation.N/A

Click on Upload to start uploading.
During the upload process you can follow the progress here.

You can add free information in the text box, for instance the changes you have made to the configuration.

6Upload completedShow possible warnings.


  • The configuration contains components which have not been found in the installation.
  • After phase 1 you continued without entering all addresses of all modules.

Analyse the problem and look for a solution.


  • Add the missing components to your installation.
  • Correct the errors detected during the validation phase.
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