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Use of access control

With the Niko Home Control programming software II version 2.x  you can programme a maximum of 3 external video units.

Programming access control

Use the routine Access control to set the following for each bell button of your external video unit:

  • (optional) which chime is activated when someone rings the doorbell
  • (optional) which door lock is connected
  • (optional) which basic action and/or routine you can control during a call
  • ringtone on touchscreen or app
  • possibility to ignore the call.

For a home practice (e.g. doctor, lawyer, dentist) you can use the routine Access control with ring and come in.

You can activate the routine using:

  • a time condition
  • a push button
  • a button on the touchscreen or in the app.

Access control on the touchscreen

With the touchscreen you can do the following:

  • open the door
  • see, talk to or refuse access to a visitor
  • view the call history with the corresponding image material.

In your touchscreen profile select the bell buttons from which you want to receive calls. This selection will apply to all touchscreens using this profile. If necessary, you can create additional touchscreen profiles. 

Access control in the app 

With the app you can do the following:

  • open the door
  • see, talk to or refuse access to a visitor.

To choose which calls (bell button) you want to receive in the app, please read Creating and modifying mobile app profiles.

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