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Creating and modifying mobile app profiles

Starting point

Creating a mobile app profile

  1. Click on Add profile.
  2. In the window section General, fill in the profile name.

  3. In the window section Security, you set whether the profile is active or not and define a password for the profile.

  4. In the window section Functionality, you enable or disable access control, energy, notifications and configuration.

  5. In the window section  Rooms, basic actions and routines, you show or hide rooms and/or basic actions and/or routines on your mobile phone or tablet.

    Niko recommends turning off the 'Configuration' functionality for app profiles that have rooms or actions/routines deselected.

Modifying a mobile app profile

  1. Click on the mobile app profile.
  2. Make the necessary changes; to do so, see steps 2 to 4 in the above procedure.
  3. Click the Close button to return to the Dashboard overview window.

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