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Access control (basic)

What is Access control?

With the routine Access control you can link a touch button of an external video unit to a touchscreen, a chime or a door lock. When the button is touched, the chime sounds for a programmable amount of time. Meanwhile, the call will be sent from the external video unit to all linked devices: touchscreens, smartphones and tablets. If desired, you can answer the call and unlock the door using this device.

You can also link a basic action or a routine and decide when a call comes in whether you want to activate that basic action or routine, or not.

Starting point

  • You have created the following:

    • an external video unit

    • a bell button

    • a door lock

    • a chime

    • (optional) several external video units, bell buttons, door locks or chimes

    • all basic actions or routines you want to include in this routine.

  • You are in the Create overview window.


  1. In the right-hand button bar, click on the button Routine.
    The Routine pane appears.

  2. Choose the room as follows:

    • Choose Room from the drop-down list.

    • Click on the room in the drawing area.

  3. Click on the arrow next to the category Access control.

  4. Click on Access control.

  5. Give the routine a name.

  6. Set the behaviour as follows:

    AChoose the external video unit which will activate the routine.

    Click on the plus sign of the external video unit you want to include in the routine.

    B(optional) Choose a chime. This chime will be activated together with the touchscreen.

    Click on the plus sign of the chime.

    CChoose a door lock.

    Click on the plus sign of the door lock.

    D(optional) Choose an additional basic action or routine.

    Click on the plus sign(s) of the basic action(s) or routine(s).
    In this example we choose to switch on the light in the hall.

    Use Multiselect to select various devices at the same time.

  7. Under Parameters, set the following:

    Ringtone on touchscreen and mobile devices

    Drop-down list

    Choose a ringtone from the drop-down list.

    Duration the door lock is active

    0 - 59 min. 59 sec.

    Standard: 5 sec.

    Decline call applies to all devicesSelection box

    If you check this box, declining a call from an external video unit will have effect on all devices simultaneously
    (mobile devices, touchscreens,...).
    This avoids having to decline the call on each device individually.

    By default, this parameter is unchecked.

    Call ends automatically when the doorlock is activatedSelection box

    If you uncheck this box, the call will not end automatically after activating the door lock.
    The call remains active until the user ends themselves or the maximum call duration is reached
    (just under 3minutes).
    If you check this box, the call will end automatically shortly after activating the door lock.

    By default, this box is checked. 

  8. Click the Close button to return to the Routine pane.

  9. Click the Close button to return to the Create overview window.


See an example here. Turn on the sound to watch the video.

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