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Connecting the Digital black, 24 V to your Niko Home Control installation

Make sure you follow the steps below when you connect your Digital black to your Niko Home Control installation:

  1. Check if you have everything you need.

  2. Onboard your Digital black.

  3. Upgrade your Digital black.


Onboarding the Digital black, 24 V

  • You have to link the Digital black to your Niko Home Control installation via the Niko Home app. This process is called "onboarding". The Niko Home App guides you through the onboarding process.

  • You do not address the Digital black in Niko Home Control programming software.

  • Switch on the mains (230 V).

  • You can onboard and configure the Digital black with the Niko Home app (version 2.7.4 or later). To configure the Digital black, the Niko Home app needs access to your location. Check your app settings. If you still can't onboard the Digital black reinstall the Niko Home app.

  • You can onboard only one Digital black at the time using one Niko home app on one smartphone. Niko works on a solution and will update this page as soon as it is available.

  • You have to select actions for each Digital black individually.

Make sure your mobile device is sufficiently charged before you start the onboarding process. At some point in the process, the Digital black makes a direct Wi-Fi connection with your mobile device. This Wi-Fi connection requires sufficient battery power. If your battery power is too low you might not succeed in onboarding the Digital black.

  1. Power the Digital black and follow the instructions on the screen to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. For more info about the Wi-Fi network and how to connect Digital black to your network, see Wi-Fi network setup (24 V). Then wait until the QR code screen appears.
    If not yet installed, scan the QR code to install the Niko Home app on your mobile device.

  2. On the display press the Next button.

  3. Open the Niko Home app and log in with your installation credentials. For information about your installation credentials see Software manual Niko Home Control II > A few concepts > Register installation.

  4. Add the Digital black to your installation as follows:

    1. Via the hamburger menu > Settings > Devices > Digital blacks.

    2. In a room > press "+" > Add device > Digital blacks.

  5. The Niko Home app guides you through the rest of the onboarding process.

  6. Scan the QR code with your mobile device to link the Digital black to your Niko Home Control installation.
    The Digital black has now successfully been onboarded.

  7. Go to your PC and open the Niko Home Control programming software

  8. Download the active version of the programming file (i.e the file that is stored in the connected controller or wireless hub). This avoids re-onboarding the Digital black after uploading later programming changes to the installation via the programming software.

If you cannot onboard your Digital black successfully, check the Wi-Fi network setup page.

You can watch the tutorial here:

Upgrading the Digital black, 24 V

The Digital black thermostat function is only available from version 2.8 or higher. For more information about the latest available software see Niko Home Control II Release notes.

  • An active internet connection is required to upgrade the Digital black software.

  • The upgrade of your Digital black will only take a few minutes.

  • During this upgrade, it is not possible to control the actions on your Digital black.

  • Some standard Android messages and screens are displayed during the upgrade.

  • The upgrade concludes with an automatic reboot of your Digital black and your Digital black resumes normal operation.

The Digital black checks for upgrades within 5 min. after the initial onboarding.

  1. When an upgrade is available, a pop-up message appears at the top of the display. You can still control the actions on your Digital black.

  2. Press the Upgrade button to download the upgrade.

  3. Press the Upgrade button to apply the upgrade immediately. It takes a few minutes to upgrade your Digital black.

    Do not reset your Digital black nor cut the power supply during the upgrade. These actions can bring your Digital black in a blocked status.

  4. The Digital black reboots automatically after a successful upgrade and resumes normal operation.
    If the upgrade fails a fallback mechanism makes sure that the Digital black reverts to its previous software version.

    More information about upgrading your Digital black, see the Upgrading your Digital black, 24 V page.

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