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Upgrading the Digital black, 24 V

Why do I need to upgrade my Digital black software?

Like other Niko Home Control devices, the software of your Digital black can be upgraded for the following reasons:

  • to enable the latest functionalities

  • to maintain future system compatibility 

  • to improve stability

It is highly recommended to always upgrade your Digital black to the latest software version. Always accept an upgrade at the first startup and configuration of the device.

New functionality requiring a Digital black software upgrade

The Digital black, 24 V thermostat function is only available from software version 2.8 and higher.

For more information about the latest available software see Niko Home Control II Release notes.

What happens to my Digital black settings when I upgrade it?

A software upgrade will not change or remove the current settings of your Digital black.

After applying an upgrade, the Digital black keeps its current settings and functionality. It resumes after an automatic reboot its normal operation.

Newly released functionality might require reconfiguration to activate it. Use the Niko Home app (android or iOS) or the Niko Home Control II programming software to activate or program this newly released functionality.

How do I upgrade my Digital black software?

An active internet connection is required to upgrade the Digital black software.

When the Digital black is connected to your Niko Home Control installation via your Wi-Fi home network (with an active internet connection) it receives its software upgrades automatically from a Niko Home Control upgrade server.

See the Wi-Fi network page for a minimum network setup for both bus and traditional wiring.

Your Digital black checks for upgrades within 5 min. after initial onboarding and afterwards once per 24 hours.

At any time you can trigger a manual upgrade as follows:

How do I  postpone an upgrade?

  1. When an upgrade is available a pop-up message appears at the top of the display. You can still control the actions on your Digital black.

  2. Press the Later button.
    The upgrade is deferred for 24 hours and the upgrade is not downloaded yet. You cannot decline an upgrade.

  3. Press the cross to close the pop-up message.
    After 24 hours a new upgrade notification appears.

What do I do when an upgrade fails?

If, by any chance, an upgrade fails the Digital black shows the message below.

The Digital black is equipped with a fallback mechanism that in case of an upgrade failure reverts the Digital black to its previous software version.

The Digital black retries the upgrade after 24 hours.

If the problem persists after several upgrade attempts, please contact Niko customer services.

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