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3.3.4 Upload your programming file

  • STEP 1: Start upload of your file

Click on "Upload" to go to the upload part of the programming software. The upload process will automatically be started.

Following page will open:

An automatic check for upgrades of the components is done:

  • STEP 2: If an upgrade is recommended, perform these upgrades. Example below where an upgrade is necessary for 2 types of modules:

Start upgrade by clicking on "Start upgrade". A progress bar will indicate the progress of the upgrades:

  • STEP 3: Upload of configuration to your installation

When the upgrade of the components is finished, you will be able to upload the file to your installation.

Progress of your upload:

When the upload is finished, you will get a confirmation screen:

 Your installation has been configured successfully!

  • STEP 4: Return to start screen of the programming software by clicking on "Continue"



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