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The touchscreen as a communication channel

If you connect an external video unit to your Niko Home Control installation and a visitor rings the bell, the touchscreen will play the ringing tone. This gives you direct control over the access door or gate.

• You see the visitor on the screen;

  • You can take or reject the call (without the visitor noticing);
  • You can hold a conversation with the visitor and see the visitor simultaneously;
  • During the conversation you can adjust the volume and mute your own microphone;
  • You can open the door and possibly initiate an additional Niko Home Control action (e.g. switch on the lights).

Furthermore, you can reject a call on one touchscreen, and still choose another device to continue the call (e.g. another touchscreen, smartphone or tablet).

You can connect an extra chime to a bell push button. To do this, use the programming software.

You can create a routine Access control with ring and come in in the programming software, allowing the door lock to be automatically released when a visitor rings the bell. Start this advanced action under the button  Controls. An icon in the button bar at the top indicates that the action has begun. Also when the sound is muted, an icon will appear in the button bar. (See also Dashboard)

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