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Operating the Dashboard

The dashboard allows frequently-used rooms and/or actions to be accessed quickly and easily.

The dashboard consists of a single page and is empty when first using the touchscreen. You can decide for yourself which rooms and/or actions to add, remove or move, but no more can added once the page is full with rooms and/or actions.

The time is displayed top right and you can use the button to edit various settings (See Modifying the settings).

The following icons are displayed top left if they are active:

  • Access control with ring and come in
  • Sound muted

Press on these icons to deactivate them.

Add icon to the dashboard

1. Press the Control button


2. Press for a long time on a room or action to add it to the dashboard.

3. The button Add to dashboard will appear at the bottom allowing you to add the function to the dashboard.

Removing or moving an item on the dashboard

1. Press the icon on the dashboard for a long time.

The icon will start to vibrate. A cross will appear in the top right hand corner.

2. Press on the cross to remove it or drag the icon to move it.

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