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Motion detection with outdoor detector(s)

What is Motion detection with outdoor detector(s)?

The routine Motion detection with outdoor detector(s) switches on one or several lamps when movement is detected outside or when the light intensity drops below the level set on the motion detector. You can programme dimmable lamps to switch on with a certain light intensity. If no movement is detected during a certain, pre-defined period of time, the lamps will switch off again.

Starting point

  • You have created the following controls and devices:

    • an outdoor motion detector

    • (optional) several outdoor motion detectors and/or single push button with feedback LED

    • a lamp

  • You are in the Create overview window.


  1. In the right-hand button bar, click on the button Routine.
    The Routine pane appears.

  2. Choose the room as follows:

    • Choose Room from the drop-down list.

    • Click on the room in the drawing area.

  3. Click on the arrow next to the category Motion detection.

  4. Click on Motion detection with outdoor detector(s).

  5. Give the routine a name.

  6. Set the behaviour as follows:

    AChoose the outdoor motion detector(s) which will activate the routine.
    In this example we will use 1 outdoor motion detector.

    Click on the plus sign of the outdoor motion detector(s) you want to include in the routine.

    B(optional) Choose a control to perform one of the following actions:
    • deactivate the routine (in case of presence detection). The device will always be on and will not be affected by the motion detector.
    • manually switch on devices and automatically switch them off (in case of absence detection)

    Click on the plus sign of the control.

    Use a push button with feedback LED so you can clearly see whether it is active or not.

    CSelect devices for this routine.Click on the plus signs of the devices. You can activate switched lamps or dimmable lamps based on a set value.
    In this example we have chosen one switched lamp.
    Use Multiselect to select various devices at the same time.
  7. Under Parameters, set the following:

    Detection mode

    Presence detection (auto on, auto off)

    T he outdoor motion detector controls the lighting.

    Absence detection (manual on, auto off)Switch on the light manually. The outdoor motion detector switches off the light when no more movement is detected.
    Switch-off delay0 - 23 hrs. 59 min. 59 sec.

    Standard: 1 min.

    The switch-off delay of the outdoor motion detector itself is added to this.

    If you set the switch-off delay on the motion detector itself to 5 min. and in the programming software to 3 min., the total switch-off delay will be 8 min.

  8. Click the Close button to return to the Routine pane.

  9. Click the Close button to return to the Create overview window.


See some examples here. Turn on the sound to watch the videos.

  • In this example we create a motion detection system with 1 outdoor motion detector.

  • In this example we create a motion detection system with 1 outdoor motion detector and a manual overrule button.

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