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Setting the indication LED to stay on continuously


This step-by-step plan explains how to set up the Niko Home Control software to ensure that the indication LED stays on continuously.

Starting point

The starting point for this step-by-step plan is a project which already encompasses Project information, for which a plan was already drawn up or uploaded and where several inputs, outputs and actions have already been added.

Run through the steps in Adding a new project and then Drawing a plan or Upload a background image if there is no existing project.

Step 1: Add a virtual output

  • Go to Creation in the menu bar at the top.

  • Click on add a virtual output. The virtual output appears as a flag on the plan.
  • Drag the virtual output to the correct location and give it a recognisable name.
  • Choose an existing location from the list.
    Click on Add a location if the location has not yet been defined.

Click on OK to return to the Creation start screen.

Step 2: Define the action's basic behaviour

  • Click on the action that was linked to the switch.

  • Click on continue to go to the Players tab.
  • Click on the virtual flag on the plan to link it to the action.  

  • Click on continue to go to the Basic behaviour tab.
  • Remove the stop behaviour from the virtual flag.

  • Click on Behaviour of indication LED. The LED follows the status of the selected output, referred to as 'LED indication switch'.

  • Click on save to return to the Basic Behaviour tab.
  • Click on continue to go to the Conditions tab.
  • Click on continue to go to the Time automation tab.
  • Click on save to return to the Creation start screen.


Continue with Cabinet lay-out and Realisation.

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