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Roll down shutters with temperature sensor


This step-by-step plan demonstrates how you can programme a roll down shutter so that it automatically closes when the temperature in a particular room exceeds a set level.

Starting point

The starting point for this plan is a project which already encompasses Project information, which involves a signed or uploaded plan and where several inputs, outputs and actions have already been added.

Run through the steps in Adding a new project and then Drawing a plan or Upload a background image if there is no existing project.

Step 1: Creating an action, "Close roll down shutter (warm)"

  • Click on Creation in the menu at the top of the screen.

  • Click on add an action.The action will appear as a text balloon on the plan.
  • Drag the action to a logical and appropriate place.
  • Give the action a name.

  • Choose the location of the action from the list of options.
  • Click on continue to go to the players tab.

Step 2: Add the input "analogue temperature sensor"

  • Click on add an extra input to add the temperature sensor to the installation.

  • Click on analogue temperature sensor in the list of options on the right hand side of the screen. The input appears on the plan.
  • Drag the input to the correct place on the plan. 
  • Give the input a name.
  • Choose the location of the input from the list of options.
  • Click on save to go back to the players tab.

Step 3: Choose a player for the action 

  • Click on the roll down shutters to add these to the installation as players.

  • Click on continue to go to the basic behaviour tab.

Step 4: Define the basic behaviour of the action

In this example we work exclusively with start behaviour. The roll down shutters must only close automatically when it gets too hot in the children's room.
  • Delete the outputs for stop behaviour by clicking on the red cross behind the line.

Click on continue to go to the conditions tab.

Step 5: Add a condition to the action

  • Click on add a condition.

  • Give the condition a name.

  • Click on no (automation). The action starts automatically when a certain temperature is reached.
  • Click on temperature sensor to link this to the action as a condition player. The sensor will be linked to the action on the plan via a black line.
  • For the temperature sensor set the values you would like to correspond to the action.

  • Under advanced settings set the desired effects for the condition player.

In this example, we would like the roll down shutter to close when the temperature in the child's room exceeds 20┬░C is. If this conditions is not fulfilled, nothing should happen.

  • Click on continue to go to the time automation tab.
  • Click on save to return to the basic Creation screen.


Now continue with Cabinet set-up and Realisation.

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