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All off with push button before software version 1.13.1

This step-by-step plan explains how to program a push button to which you can couple different outputs in function of the users leaving the house.

The starting point for this step-by-step plan is a project in which all of the various inputs, outputs and actions are defined.

If you do not yet have a project, follow the steps in adding a new project and thereafter in drawing a plan or upload a background image.

Click Creation at the top of the screen.

Click on add an input.

Click on single push button in the selection list in the right-hand section of the screen.

The input appears in the plan.

Drag the single push button to the right place, and assign it a recognizable name.

For the All off action, an input close to a house entrance/exit is a logical location.

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Click on add an action.

The action appears in the plan as a text balloon.

Drag the action to a place that you consider logical and convenient, for example, next to the relevant input or output.

Assign the action a name.

Click continue.

You go to the players tab.

Click, in the plan, on the single push button that is intended for the All off action in order to couple it to the action.

Select the outputs which must be included in the ‘all off’ function.

Click continue.

You go to the basic behaviour tab.

Configure each individual output so that it must be switched off when the all-off function is activated.

Some outputs, such as roll-down shutters of Venetian blinds, have no clear on or off option. It is advisable, in consultation with the end customer, that these are not included in the all-off function. It is better to automate the roll-down shutters so that they open in the morning and close in the evening, even in the absence of the end customer. In this way, any absence of the end customer draws as little attention as possible and, therefore, does not attract any ‘unwanted visitors’.

In the right-hand section of the screen, scroll down to the stop behaviour.

Remove all elements from the stop behaviour by clicking on the red delete icon at the end of each element.

Click continue.

You go to the conditions tab.

Click continue.

You go to the time automation tab.

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Now continue with Cabinet set-up and Realisation.

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