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Maintenance and troubleshooting the Digital black, 24 V


Your Digital black's settings will be preserved.

Error message "Network not found"

The Digital black shows the message "Network not found" when the wireless connection to your home network is interrupted. The Digital black automatically reconnects to the wireless network when it is back in range and resumes normal operation.

When the message remains for a longer period without any known reason, try the following:

  • Use your mobile device to check the wireless network signal strength at the location of your Digital black.

  • Check the signal strength on the Digital black (see below).

  • Check if other network connections function (e.g. your wireless printer).

  • Check if the wireless smart hub or connected controller is still connected to your network.

  • Check if the Niko Home app functions properly.

  • Reboot the Digital black (see above).

If none of the above resolve the issue, proceed as follows:

  1. Tap "Rescan QR code" on the display.

  2. Open the Niko Home app en delete the Digital black from the list. The faulty Digital black is greyed out.

  3. Reconnect the Digital black to your Niko Home Control network.

Digital black software version, network information and signal strength

Tap three times on the upper right pixel of the visible display area to show the Digital black information screen.

You can find the signal strength at the bottom of the screen (-xx dBm):

  • > -50 dBm: excellent signal strength

  • -50 tot -60 dBm: good signal strength

  • -60 to -70 dBm: fair signal strength

  • < -70 dBm: weak signal strength

See Wi-Fi network for more information.

Replacing a faulty Digital black

  1. Remove the faulty Digital black and install a new one.

  2. Onboard the new Digital black in your Niko Home Control installation.

Onboarding the Digital black fails

If you cannot onboard your Digital black successfully, check the Wi-Fi network page or the Connecting the Digital black, 24 V to your Niko Home Control installation page.

You can watch the tutorial here:

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