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LED behaviour on the connected socket outlet

LED off

Normal operation when the socket outlet is switched offYour socket outlet is working fine
The socket outlet is not poweredCheck the wiring and check the fuse in the electrical cabinet
The socket outlet is malfunctioningContact Niko customer services
White LED continuously on (*)

Normal operation when the socket outlet is switched onYour socket outlet is working fine
Red LED flashing

The connection to the smart hub is temporarily interruptedThe connection will restore automatically. If it doesn’t, please try to plug the power out and in of your wireless smart hub and check if the socket outlet is still within the range of the wireless smart hub. If the problem persists, call Niko customer services
Red LED continuously on


The socket outlet has been used outside the normal operating conditions

1. Remove the plugged-in device

2. Wait for at least 5 min to press the LED button to re-activate normal operation (**)

3. If the problem persists, replace the socket outlet

Overcurrent (> 16 A for 10 s)
Blue LED flashing

  • Establishing a connection to the Zigbee® network
  • Socket outlet is upgrading (some socket outlet versions)

Wait until the LED stops flashing

During an upgrade, you can use your connected socket. (***)

Blue LED on for 4 s

Successfully connected to the Zigbee® networkYour socket outlet is working fine

(*) In connected use you can disable the white LED on the connected socket outlet via the Niko Home Control programming software or the Niko Home app.

(**) There is a standard block period of 5 min before re-activation. In parallel, a temperature cooling down mechanism is implemented to avoid re-activation after overtemperature. The cooling down period is unspecified due to the unpredictable environmental conditions.

(***) During an upgrade it is possible that the LED of your connected socket outlet blinks blue. This feature was implemented in the original connected socket outlets at production. Though, in later software versions this blinking function during an upgrade is removed. The connected socket outlet is upgrading transparently, and it remains operational during that upgrade.

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