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Programming the Digital black, 24 V as a thermostat

In order to create heating or cooling zones in your Niko Home Control installation, you need to program heating or cooling actions with the Niko Home Control programming software.

You can use the Digital black, 24 V as a thermostat in the following advanced actions:

  • heating/cooling per circuit

  • electrical heating 

The advanced action HVAC per thermostat is currently not supported for the Digital black as a thermostat in the Niko Home Control programming software.

During programming make sure that:

  • You give your Digital black a meaningful name to avoid adding the wrong Digital black as a thermostat in a heating/cooling zone during the onboarding process. Otherwise, your zone temperature control will not work properly.

  • You add each Digital black linked to a heating action to the correct room during programming.

For more details on how to program a heating/cooling actions, see Niko Home Control II programming software manual.

Fixed heating cycle backup

You can program per heating action a fixed heating cycle  (in % of heating per hour). Tune this fixed heating cycle to the thermodynamic behaviour of your type of heating system.

This cycle prevents undercooling of your heating zone in case the Wi-Fi signal drops at your Digital black e.g. your Wi-Fi router breaks down. 

When the fixed heating cycle gets activated due to a connection loss, a user-defined push notification is sent to your mobile device to inform you about this event.

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