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Connecting the wireless bridge to a smart/digital meter

This step is optional only for Belgium and The Netherlands.

Connect your digital meter’s P1 port to the wireless bridge by inserting one end of the cable into the P1 port (not the S1 port!) and the other end into the wireless bridge.

Only use the shielded RJ12 cable included in the package (optional only for Belgium and The Netherlands)

* Coil up the excess cable

  • Contact your electricity network operator to activate the P1 port on your digital meter
  • If your Niko Home Control installation includes a global energy measuring channel, it will be overridden when connecting the wireless bridge to the digital meter

Known limitations

  • If you have a bus wiring installation already equipped with an electricity measuring module and you have added a wireless bridge to read out your smart/digital meter’s energy data. In the Niko Home Control programming software, set the parameter ‘reading type’ of the detector electricity single-phase reading or electricity three-phase reading to ‘sub-reading’ instead of ‘global reading’. This avoids the smart/digital meter readings and measuring module readings being added up. To avoid UI issues in the energy graphics put the current clamps on different submetering circuits
  • The maximum length of the P1 cable is 2 m. To extend the distance between the smart/digital meter and the wireless bridge use an extra UTP cable and a P1 extension module set (Brand Cedel - Article number P1-VRL-UNV)
  • You cannot extend the USB cable

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