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Starting point 

Creating a push notification in an advanced action

The table below shows the notifications you can create in advanced actions.

Advanced actionA push notification is sent when ...
Intruder alarmThe alarm cannot be activated. The system will activate it automatically once the problem is solved.
The problem with the detector/contact has been solved.
The alarm goes off.
Heating/cooling per circuitThe heating cannot be switched on.
The cooling cannot be switched on.

Creating an informative notification in a conditional action

We will use an example in which we create an informative notification within a conditional action under THEN. In this example we deliberately skip ELSE.

We will create a conditional action that sends an informative notification every year as a reminder that the filters of the ventilation system need to be cleaned.

  1. Create a time schedule with a pulse control on a certain day, which is repeated annually.
  2. Create a conditional action and add the time schedule under IF.
  3. Under THEN, click on Add notification.
  4. Under type, choose Informative.

    Here you can also opt for a push notification.

  5. Type the text of the notification. This text can contain up to 256 characters and will appear in the apps.
  6. Click the Confirm button to return to the Create overview window.

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