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Touchscreen 2: using the settings tab

Select the settings tab. The settings menu will be opened.

Sub-menu notifications

During the use of the touchscreen 2, a notification will immediately appear as a pop-up on the screen. After con- firming (by pressing OK), the pop-up will disappear and will be added to the log book. The last ten notifications, which indicate the date and time, are saved in one joint log book.

A yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appears both on the start screen and at the top right of every menu. This indicates that the log book contains notifications.

Select the sub-menu notifications to consult the log book. Select an notification of your choice to show its full content. If you have read a notification as pop-up, there will be a tick to the right of the notification. If you have read the content of the notification in the list, the notification will be ticked. With an upwards or downwards movement over the list, you can scroll through the various notifications.

Sub-menu access control

Select the sub-menu access control.

You have the following options from this screen:

• You can configure the external video unit(s) and/or mo- dify its/their settings.

• If one or more chimes are connected to the installation, select the chime which rings along with the touchscreen 2 if the doorbell is rung.

To configure or change the settings on the external video unit(s):

1. Select external video unit settings. A list will appear with all connected external video units (and ordinary bell push buttons).

2. Select an external video unit from the list.

You have the following options from this screen:

• If the camera image of the external video unit is of insufficient quality, press the refresh button (next to reload image) to replace it with a more recent camera image.

• Select name to change the name of the external video unit. A keyboard will appear on which you can enter the new name.

• Select the bell of the external video unit (several bells if it is an external video unit with multiple touch buttons) to modify its settings.

From this screen you can change the name of the bell, select the ringtone on the touchscreen 2 for this bell, select one manual action you can activate yourself during a call of this bell (such as switching on garden lighting or opening the en- trance gates) and determine the door lock which is control- led during a call of this bell. If you want the touchscreen 2 to receive a call from the selected bell, uncheck receive calls from this button on this screen.

Sub-menu info

Select the sub-menu info to view the system information (IP address, Mac address, etc.). In this screen, you can consult the selected language and currency, but they cannot be modified. Only the installer can modify the system information in the programming software. Via niko at the top left, you can go back to the main menu for the settings.

Sub-menu terms and conditions

Select this sub-menu to view the general usage conditions.

Sub-menu reset

If you select this sub-menu, or press the reset button at the bottom left of the, the following will occur:

• The symbols you have selected for the various locations will be reset to the symbols chosen by the installer. The order of the actions in the locations will also be reset.

• All favourite actions in the favourites menu will be deleted.

• The names of the external video units and their bell(s), the names of the touch button(s) and the ringtone volume will all be reset to their factory settings. The chime will no longer sound along with the touchscreen 2. Each bell will have the standard ringtone again (Dunes). Manual actions will no longer be linked to the incoming calls, and the door locks will also no longer be linked with bells. All internal units and mobile devices will receive all calls again.

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