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Touchscreen 2

Together with the new external video unit, Niko has also made improvements to the central Niko Home Control touchscreen, as well as its user interface and design. Thanks to the touchscreen 2, access control is also possible via the Niko Home Con- trol external video unit. That way, you have direct control over your access door or gate: you can see on the screen who is at the front door or gate, you can decide whether to answer the call or not, you can communicate clearly and in full-duplex with the visitor without having to wait until he has finished talking... Another handy feature is that you can see who has been at your front door, even when you come back from holiday or work. The built-in 130° HD camera on the external video unit automati- cally makes a video recording which starts ten seconds before the visitor rings the doorbell, and ends ten seconds after the call. Additionally, the touchscreen 2 offers exactly the same functionalities as its predecessor: switching the lighting on and off and dimming it, regulating the temperature, moving the roll-down shutters and sun blinds to the desired position, monitoring electri- city, gas and water consumption (as long as these functions are present in your installation). This chapter will guide you through the various control possibilities of the touchscreen 2.

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