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Touchscreen 2: using the energy tab

1. Select the energy tab. The energy menu will be opened.

The type of energy reading and the period appear under the reading data. If you press the question mark at the top right, you will receive more information about the colour codes in the energy readings.

2. Press - from left to right - one of the following fields to make  your choice:

• the various possible energy readings in the installation: select the reading you wish to see (electricity, gas, water).

• the various periods: select a period (live, day, week, month, year). Warning: Live reading is not available for water and gas.

• the display for the selected period: select the con- sumption in kW or the cost in euros. Warning: For a live reading, you cannot choose a display in euros.

3. Depending on your choice, an overview of the reading data will be shown. Water consumption per day: The bar chart in the background shows the consumption from a previous period. The bar chart in the foreground shows the current consumption:

• red: the current consumption is higher than in the previous period.

• green: the current consumption is lower than in the previous period.

• grey: the current and previous consumption are at the same level

Annual yield of solar panels, displayed in a blue graphic.

4. Press split view at the top right to compare two consumption periods of an energy reading.

Press split view again to go back to a consumption period.

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