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Touchscreen 2: using the access tab

Select the access tab. The access menu will open.

Sub-menu recent calls

Select the sub-menu recent calls.

The last 20 calls appear in chronological order (including date and time). A little yellow dot indicates that you haven't viewed the call yet.

If you press on a call, you will go to a sub-window where you can view the video recording. With the previous and next buttons, you can go to the other video recordings.

With the niko button at the top left, you can go back to the list of missed calls, where you can directly select another video recording.

Sub-menu chime sound

This sub-menu appears only if the installation is equipped with a chime. You can switch off the sound of the chime by selecting this sub-menu. A symbol on the start screen indicates that you have switched off the chime sound.

Sub-menu ringtone sound

Via this sub-menu, you can switch off the sound of the ringtone, which is also indicated with a symbol of the start screen.

Sub-menu ringtone

With the + and - buttons, you can adjust the volume of the ringtone from 0 to 100 %. If the volume is at 0 %, the ringtone is automatically muted and the    symbol will be activated on the start screen.

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