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Touchscreen 2: start screen

1. Touch the touchscreen 2.

The start screen will appear. If you do not touch the touchscreen 2 for one minute, the display will be dimmed to reduce energy consumption.
The start screen shows an overview of the various menus which are available: control, favourites, energy, access and settings(indicated by the symbol 

At the top left of the screen, the day, date and time are indicated. You can also read the live reading of the overall electricity consumption here, as long as this function is present in the installation. If not, no reading data appears.
To the right you can see the following four symbols which are only visible during activation:





chime sound muted


ringtone sound muted


number of missed calls


2. Select the tab that you wish to open from the menu. After a menu has been opened, the menu bar will ap- pear at the bottom of the screen. At the top left, you can see the name of the opened menu.
You can always go back to the start screen by clicking on
niko in the top left.

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