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Time automation and time conditions

Time automation

You can also modify these time setting(s) yourself, but only if the installer assigned a time automation to an action during the programming. Examples of time automation which you can modify yourself:

• Calendar-controlled activation: The Niko Home Control installation will automatically control the roll-down shutters at a certain time every day, for example.

• Automatically stopping for a certain time: An activated action will automatically be deactivated after the configured time has elapsed after activation.

• Automatically restarting: The action will automatically restart after the configured time has elapsed after activation.

1. In the start screen, click on a location.

2. Click on the action for which you want to modify the time setting(s). Under time automation you will find all the time settings which the installer assigned to the clicked action.

3. Click on the setting that you wish to modify and adjust the value.

4. Click on the cross at the top right to save the changes and close the window.

Time conditions

The installer might also have configured time conditions (time and duration), during which an action can be carried out. To modify this/these condition(s), drag the start and/ or stop symbol to the time bar in the calendar (see example screen below). The repeat schedule can also be configured per day, week, month or year. The result of your modificati- ons will appear in the calendar above.
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