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Name of a location

The installer created the locations on the start screen during the programming of the Niko Home Control installation. The same locations are displayed on the touchscreen and smartphone/tablet to control the programmed actions of these devices.

1. Long-click or double-click on the location in the start screen for which you want to modify the name and/or the symbol. The following screen will appear with at the top the name of the clicked location, and at the bottom a list of symbols from which you can choose:

2. Modify the location name.

Warning: The name change will be sent to the touchs- creen, but not to the smartphone/tablet.

3. Click on the symbol which you would like to assign to the location. Warning: You cannot modify via the user software the symbols for locations which appear on the touchscreen and the smartphone/tablet. You can modify these sym- bols directly on the device itself. The changes will also be saved there locally.

4. Press OK to save your changes.

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