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Peak mode

What is Peak mode?

With the routine Peak mode, you can control your peak consumption and save money by turning off your most energy-consuming devices automatically when the peak value set in the software is reached. Typically, these devices are white good appliances or electrical HVAC. Do not include devices that need a continuous power supply in the Peak mode.

The devices are reactivated automatically when the peak power drops.

You can only create one Peak mode per Niko Home Control installation.

You can turn the Peak mode on and off in the Niko Home app, on the digital black or on the touchscreen.


Starting point

  • You have a Niko Home Control installation with devices that you can use in the routine Peak mode (*).

  • You are in the Create overview window.


  1. In the right-hand button bar, click on the Routine button.
    The Routine pane appears.
  2. Choose the room as follows:
    • Choose Room from the drop-down list.
    • Click on the room on the drawing area or select the room from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the category Energy management.
  4. Click on Peak mode.
  5. Give the routine a name.

  6. Set behaviour A as follows:

    1. Choose the devices to be switched off when the peak is reached.

    2. Set for each device, the power consumption of the device itself in Max. Power Consumption (0 kW - 100 kW, steps of 0.01 kW).

  7. In Parameters, set the following values:

    Peak target value

    1 kW - 100 kW, in increments of 0.1 kW

    The value at which your devices will be switched off in the listed order. 

    Peak mode type

    Direct or predictive

    • Direct: The 'from grid' measurement is used to control the 'consumption peak'. If the 'from grid' consumption exceeds the peak target value, devices added in behaviour A are switched off in the listed order (device 1 > device 2 >...). 
    • Predictive: This mode is useful in countries or regions where the charged capacity tariff is based on the maximum 15-minute energy consumption within a month. An algorithm is used to control your 'quarter-hour peak' consumption. Every minute, the algorithm calculates the average consumption for the current quarter-hour. If the calculated value exceeds the 'peak target value', devices added in behaviour A are switched off in the listed order (device1 > device2 > …) 

    You can change the order of the devices in the settings of the routine in the Niko Home app.

    (*)You can use the following devices in the routine Peak mode:

    traditional wiring

    wireless smart hub

    bus wiring

    connected controller

    • connected socket outlet, Zigbee ®
    • generic heating
    • generic warm water
    • generic ventilation
    • smart plug, Zigbee®
    • virtual device (flag)
    • analogue output 0-10 V used for ventilation
    • generic heating
    • generic warm water
    • generic ventilation
    • other switched device
    • push button with LED(s) and comfort sensors
    • switched socket outlet
    • switched ventilator
    • thermostat
    • ventilation system
    • virtual device (flag)

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