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Adjusting the operating mode of a push button

You can adjust the operating mode of the following push buttons:

  • generic push buttons with or without LED

  • push-button interface used as 4-fold control

  • push button extension

  • wireless push buttons

You connect a push-button interface to an external (waterproof) push button to connect this to the bus. You can programme the interface in different ways: dim, roller shutter, ventilation or 4-fold control.

Starting point


  1. Click on the push button.
    Result: The pane with the information appears.

  2. Click on Operating mode
    Result: The Set operating mode menu appears.

  3. Adjust the operating mode as follows:

  • Choose Short press to activate the basic action or routine by briefly pressing the push button.

  • Choose Press and hold to activate the basic action or routine by holding down the push button. Set the Duration (minimum 1 sec. - maximum 59 sec.).

  • Select Push button mode to activate the basic action or routine for as long as you keep the push button pressed.


See some examples here. Turn on the sound to watch the video.

Short press

Press and hold

Push button mode

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