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Upgrade: what should you do?

What should I do when the installation notifies me that an upgrade is required?

When new programming is being loaded into the system, the software will automatically verify whether the modules and controls in the installation are using the latest software version. After this verification process is completed, a message will be displayed to notify the user whether or not an upgrade is required. Upgrading your Niko Home Control installation is essential for using the latest version of the software tools and functionalities, and for fixing any bugs found in the installation.

If an upgrade is required, click Upgrade in the top right of the menu bar in the Niko Home Control software. Depending on the installation, the upgrade will be completed in two stages:

All modules and controls are scanned via the controller and are upgraded if needed. During this first phase, the programme will notify the user whether or not the power supply requires an upgrade as well. The specific power supply upgrade is completed as a last step in the upgrade procedure.

Then, all IP devices are upgraded individually. Connect your computer to the IP interface, the touchscreens, and to the back-up controller (optional). Each time, activate a scan followed by the upgrade, if required.

From software version 1.4 onwards, a single upgrade of the power supply is required. This step must be completed in line with a specific procedure as the power supply will be switched off during the upgrade process, which is not desirable. A temporary back-up power supply must be added to the electrical cabinet to make the upgrade possible.

For a detailed explanation of upgrading the installation, go to Upgrade installation.

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