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Manual action for access control before software version 1.10

Adding a door lock action to an existing project.

Click Creation.

Click on add an action.

In the name field, enter #call#..., adding a label for the action that you want to make available on the access control screen.

Click continue.

Click on add an extra output.

Add the desired actions here, for example, extra gate, outdoor lighting,…

Click save.

Click on the output in the plan to couple it to the action.

Click continue.

Complete the configuration of the specific action as required.

Click continue to move to the conditions tab.

Click continue to move to the time automation tab.

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Click on add a smartphone/tablet or touchscreen.

Please note! If you add a smartphone/tablet, a touchscreen is also automatically added.

If you add only a touchscreen, the action is only available on the touchscreen and not on the tablet or smartphone.

Click on the action to link the touchscreen or smartphone to this action.

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

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