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Adding a chime for access control before software version 1.10

The starting point for this step-by-step plan is a project for which the Project information has already been entered and for which a drawn or uploaded plan is available.

Click Creation.

You go to the start screen of the Creation step:

Click on add an output

Click on other switched devices in the selection list in the right-hand section of the screen

Assign the output a name and a location

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Click on add an action

Assign the action a name and start the name with #chim#.

Only then will this action appear in the access control menu of the application under the heading “select chime”. 

Please note! This option is only available if a touchscreen 2 is linked to the installation. It can only be configured on Touchscreen 2

Click continue

The following screen appears

Click on the output in the plan to couple it to the action

Click continue.

You go to the basic behaviour tab.

The basic behaviour, as a default, consists of a start and a stop behaviour.

Remove the stop behaviour

Under start behaviour, click add another element.

Select the chosen chime as the output (in this example Chime hall) with the off status, and specify a delay time.

Click continue twice

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Under Touchscreen and smartphone/tablet, click on the left-hand icon to add a smartphone or tablet

Select the door lock action created (#chim#xyz) by clicking on the plus symbol next to it.

Click save.

You return to the start screen of the Creation step.

Your extra chime action has been created.

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