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Add a new project before version 1.13

In the Niko Home Control software, the term project refers to an individual installation.

Each project consists of four steps, which are listed at the top of the screen.

  • Project information; 
  • Creation; 
  • Cabinet set-up;
  • Realisation.

Click on add new project.

Assign the project at least a name and a customer name.

The names can be freely chosen and are not subject to specific restrictions. All letters, numbers and punctuation are allowed.

Click on save after you have entered all of the data.

You return to Project information.

You now see the name of the project at the top-centre of the screen inset.

Under settings and time, you will find more data related to the installation, such as:

  • the language;
  • the currency; 
  • the unit of measurement; 
  • the date; 
  • the time.

Here, you can only modify the language and the currency of the installation. The language that you select is the language that the user will see, for example, on the touchscreen and on the display controls. The settings under ‘Time’ are automatically taken from your computer.

The installer data can come in handy in the event that a colleague applies an addition to your installation in the future. The customer cannot consult this data here, therefore it is advisable to leave the installer data for the customer in another place. 

If necessary, you can still make changes to the project and customer data later on.

Click on save project before you begin to draw the plan.

If you close the project before it has been saved, it will be lost.

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