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Saving a project

After you have created or edited a project, you must save it.

If you do not do this, the project will be lost.

After the last modification, you return to the start screen of the Project information step. 

Click on save as in the menu in the left-hand section of the screen.

A pop-up is opened. 

Save the file just as you save other files on your PC, laptop or other data storage device.

 If you have already saved the project for the first time, you can edit it repeatedly during a later editing session by clicking save.
The controller is supplied with two USB keys. Save the final project on both keys so that you always have a backup of the installation. Give one of the keys to the customer, and save the other one yourself. 
The Niko Home Control software creates an autosave file every thirty seconds. You can recover this file if, for example, your computer shuts down due to a power failure. You can open the file when the software is started.
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