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Wireless bridge for Niko Home Control


The wireless bridge is a bus interface that, in combination with a connected controller (550-00003), allows you to integrate and operate all Niko Home Control products for traditional wiring within a bus wiring installation.
This way, you can benefit from the complete set of Niko Home Control functionalities.
You can now easily expand your bus wiring installation with the Niko Home Control devices from the Zigbee® range, which could initially only be used in an installation for traditional wiring with a smart hub.

The wireless bridge simply needs to be plugged into the USB port of the connected controller. Additional wiring or an external power supply is not needed.
The configuration is easily performed via the user-friendly Niko Home Control programming software, whereas you can manage and control your installation via the Niko Home app.



Note that the wireless bridge is not compatible with Easywave devices (410-0000x or 05-31xx). Connect the USB RF interface to a free USB port of the connected controller to use Easywave devices within a bus wiring installation.
The wireless bridge cannot be used with Easywave # devices (551-72xxx), choose the Zigbee® variant (552-72xxx) instead.



Download the Niko Home Control programming software:

Technical data



Article number550-00640
Wireless communicationZigbee® 3.0
Communication protocolZigbee® 3.0 – 2.4 GHz

Transmission range

max. 10 m indoors, with mesh networking support for a longer range


only when using 230 V powered Zigbee® devices
Mounting methodwall mounting (at a maximum height of ≤ 2 m)
Dimensions90.4 x 89.8 x 29.3 mm (HxWxD)
Weight160 g
Input voltage5 V via the USB-A port of the connected controller
Power consumption250 mW (USB)
Maximum radio frequency power+ 8.5 dBm
USB cable length3 m
Maximum per installation1 wireless bridge per connected controller
PortsSMR P1 port (Niko RJ12 cable, included)

Compatible with

Dutch smart meter (DSMR 2.2, 3,4 and 5)

Belgian digital meter (Fluvius, Ores, Sibelga)

Ambient temperature

0 – 45 °C

Protection degree


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