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Wireless battery-powered switch, fourfold, Zigbee®


This fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch allows you to control wireless Zigbee® devices remotely.

Adding a switch to an electrical installation is made easy as cutting, grinding or adding electrical wires is no longer needed. The switch is battery-powered with a lifetime of 5 years with up to 20 short push events per day.

The fourfold switch with a plastic base (552-72004) can be mounted on flat surfaces via double-sided adhesive tape (included) or screws (excluded). For installation on flush-mounting boxes, order the fourfold switch without a plastic base (552-72014), together with the metal base variant for your region (552-720X0).

The wireless battery-powered Zigbee®switch can operate in 2 modes: stand-alone use and connected use.

In stand-alone use, it is not connected to a wireless smart hub (552-00001) or wireless bridge (550-00640) and operates as a standard dimmer switch (ON/OFF/dimming). The switch can connect with up to eight Zigbee® receivers via Touchlink pairing. A feedback LED displays the pairing state and battery condition during the pairing process. No feedback LED is visible during normal operation. In stand-alone mode, the fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch does not support colour control (RGB), nor tunable white control (colour temperature).

In connected use, the switch is linked to the wireless smart hub (552-00001) or the wireless bridge for Niko Home Control (550-00640) via an integrated wireless Zigbee® transmitter and receiver. The following functions are available with the Niko Home Control programming software or the Niko Home app:

  • Display a battery low indication in the Home app when the battery needs to be replaced

  • Link the fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch to a scene or all-off function

  • Configure it to a panic (all-on) function, routine, calendar, or scheduling function

  • Operate multiple lighting circuits within the same installation

  • Control the fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch via the Niko Home Control touchscreen ( 550-20102 ), Digital black® (550-1800x, 551-1800x) or remotely via a smart device using the Niko Home app.

When connected to your Niko Home Control installation, the fourfold wireless battery-powered switch, Zigbee® will automatically be upgraded to the latest firmware version.

Note that the fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch can also be configured to a third-party Zigbee® network via EZ-mode pairing or Find&Bind pairing. In this case, the switch is used as a standard dimmer switch (ON/OFF/dimming).

The fourfold key and faceplate must be ordered separately. This Zigbee® switch combines with any Niko Pure, Niko Intense and Niko Original faceplate in the colour of your choice. For best performance, follow the installation and radio planning guidelines.


There are 5 mechanical variants. These variants fit most installations on flat walls and European flush-mounting boxes. Select the desired variant based on the fixing method (wall mounting or flush-mounting box installation, via adhesive tape, screw or claw fixation) and the desired vertical centre distance if multifold flush-mounting boxes are used. For more details, see Installing the wireless battery-powered switch, fourfold, Zigbee®.

Required Parts

A complete fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee ® switch consists of the following parts:
  • 1 base

Choose one from the table below:

Article number



Wireless battery-powered switch, fourfold, Zigbee®, 60 x 71 mm, plastic base, fixing with screws (excluded) or double adhesive tape (included), with CR2450 battery (included)


Wireless battery-powered switch, fourfold, Zigbee®, 60 x 71 mm, excluding base, with CR2450 battery (included)


Metal base for 552-72012, 60 x 71 mm, claw fixing


Metal base for 552-72012, 71 x 71 mm, screw fixing


Metal base for 552-72012, 60 x 71 mm, screw fixing


Metal base for 552-72012, 71 x 71 mm, claw fixing

  • 1 central plate

Article number



Finishing set for an electronic switch or push button

Note that xxx represents the colour.

  • 1 faceplate
    The fourfold wireless battery-powered Zigbee® switch is compatible with all faceplates from the Niko range. For more information, consult our Finishings  website page.

Optional Parts

Paint protection cap

Optionally, you can order a paint protection cap (170-00099 ) to cover the fourfold wireless battery-powered, Zigbee® during painting work. With it, you avoid getting paint spatters on your switching materials.

Technical data


Article number






Fixation type

Screw fixing or double-sided adhesive tape






Centre to centre distance

60 mm x 71 mm

60 mm x 71 mm

71 mm x71 mm

60 mm x 71 mm

71 mm x 71 mm




Article number


EAN 552-72004


EAN 552-72014


EAN 552-72000


EAN 552-72010


EAN 552-72020


EAN 552-72030


Power supply

3 V battery, CR2450

Battery life span

± 5 years at 20 short actuations/day


Zigbee® 3.0, 2.4 GHz

Mounting method

Wall mounting with 552-72004

Flush-mounting box with 552-72014 in combination with metal base 552-720X0

Flush-mounting box specifications

A. Depth

Min. 40 mm (cabling space included)

B. Claw/screw fixing

60 mm

C. Inner diameter box

60 mm

D. Multifold boxes centre distance horizontal

71 mm

E. Multifold boxes centre distance vertical

71 mm

F. Multifold boxes centre distance vertical for BE and FR

60 mm

Mounting height 

105 - 120 cm

Modification of settings 

Stand-alone mode

Button on rear side

Connected mode

Niko Home Control programming software

Niko Home app

Maximum range (between switch and smart hub or wireless bridge)

10 m (Longer ranges possible with the mesh networking capability of 230 V connected Zigbee® devices)

Maximum per installation

Max. 50 connected Zigbee® devices

Stand-alone: max. 8 Zigbee® receivers (ON/OFF/dimming) per switch

Operating frequency

2.4 GHz


Integrated antenna

Maximum RF power

8 dBm EIRP

Protection degree


Ambient temperature


5 – 30 °C


0 - 40 °C


0 – 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing

Weight (552-72004/552-72014)

23 g ±1 g / 17 g ±1 g

Dimensions (HxWxD)

Without base

(552-72014 + 552-72000 or 552-72020) 71 x 73 x 21 mm

(552-72014 + 552-72010 or 552-72030) 73 x 73 x 21 mm

With Niko Original or Niko Pure faceplate

83 x 83 x 15 mm

With Niko Intense faceplate

85 x 85 x 15 mm


CE, Zigbee®

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