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LED behaviour on the DALI-2 broadcast module


LED status


Proposed action

status LED


The module has been installed and is functioning correctly.

The module has not been connected.

Connect the module.

There is a problem with the DALI bus.

Check the DALI bus and its wiring.

LED continuous ON

  • The system or module is in TEST mode.

  • The TEST button on the connected controller has been pressed

  • Wait for 2 minutes.

  • If the LED is not switched off by then contact Niko customer services. The module might be defective.

LED flashing

The module has the wrong software version.

  • Update the software version using the Niko Home Control programming software.

  • During the upload procedure of your project to the connected controller, the software version of the modules is checked and if necessary the version is upgraded.

  • Details on how to upload a project in the Niko Home Control programming software, see Software Manual Niko Home Control II: Uploading.

LED 1/ LED 2

LED flashing slowly (every 2 s)

DALI bus error (short circuit or no voltage on the bus)

LED flashing rapidly

The module is malfunctioning.

  • Check the module's power supply

  • The thermal overheating is active. Switch off the mains and let the module cool down.

  • The module might be defective.

  • Contact Niko customer services.

LED 1 or LED 2 + status LED

LED on for 30 sec

LED lights up for 30 seconds when the button has been pressed (all DALI devices on that channel are set ON or OFF)

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