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Connected single switch, Zigbee®, 10 A, Swiss line


This Zigbee® switch allows you to operate lighting circuits.

You can perfectly install this smart switch in new construction projects and use it to replace a conventional switch in renovation projects without cutting, grinding or adding electrical wires. It is equipped with an extension terminal so that, in combination with a conventional push button, it can easily replace multiway or intermediate switching.

The connected single switch, Zigbee® operates in 2 modes: stand-alone and connected mode.

In stand-alone mode, it is not connected to a smart hub (552-00001) and works autonomously with a toggle function. No configuration is needed.

In connected mode, it is connected to a smart hub (552-00001) via an integrated wireless transmitter and receiver. You can enable the following functions with the Niko Home Control programming software or  the Niko Home app:

  • Add the connected switch to a scene or all-off function
  • Control additional lighting circuits (apart from the one wired to the connected Zigbee® switch)
  • Link it to a warning (all-on) function, routines, calendar or scheduling functions
  • Enable, disable or invert the feedback LED
  • Control the connected switch via the Niko Home Control touchscreen (550-20102), Digital black® (550-1800x, 551-1800x) or remotely via a smart device with the Niko Home app

When connected to your Niko Home Control installation, the connected switch, Zigbee® will automatically be upgraded to the latest firmware version.


There is 1 mechanical variant that fits most European wall-mounting boxes. The Niko Zigbee® Swiss line series is compatible with the finishings from the Feller EDIZIOdue colore series. More details can be found under Installation.

Article number


Front view

Required Parts

Single connected switch, Zigbee®, Swiss line

A complete connected single switch, Zigbee®, Swiss line consists of the following parts:

  • 1 base with central plate

Choose one from the table below:

Article number



Single connected switch, Zigbee®, with Swiss line metal base, adapter frame and white central plate with lens, screw fixing  

  • 1 faceplate

The Niko Zigbee® Swiss line series is compatible with the faceplates from the Feller EDIZIOdue colore series (to be ordered separately). 

Optional Parts

Single push-button extension

If you wish, you can attach one or more single push buttons to the extension terminals of the single connected switch, Zigbee®.
Select Niko push buttons from the 170-X00XX range with central plate (XXX-61105 or XXX-60X05) and faceplate (Pure, Intense, Original).
Alternatively, i
f you would like the same design as the Swiss line Zigbee® devices, you can purchase normally open (N.O.) push buttons from Feller with the EDIZIOdue colore design.


Technical data


Article number


Fixation type


Front view, dimensions

Side view, dimensions

Load Table

Below table gives an overview of the permitted loads at an ambient temperature of 40°C.



Article number




Maximum load

1 x 10 A
Power supply230 Vac ± 10%, 50 Hz
Stand-by power0.35 W
Circuit Breaker Maximum MCB rating 16 A*

Max. inrush current

100 A

Wire capacity

1 x 2.5 mm2


Zigbee® 3.0, 2.4 GHz
Mounting methodFlush-mounting box
Flush-mounting box specifications (also see the below image)

A. Depth

Min. 40 mm (cabling space included)

B. Screw fixing

78 mm diagonal (for single application)

C. Inner diameter boxMin. 60 mm

D. Multifold boxes centre distance horizontal

60 mm*
E. Multifold boxes centre distance vertical

60 mm*

Mounting height 

110 - 120 cm
Modification of settings 

Stand-alone mode

Buttons on front panel, behind the central plate
Connected mode

Niko Home Control programming software

Niko Home app

Max cable length extension switches

50 m

Maximum range (between switch

and smart hub)

10 m (longer ranges possible with the mesh networking capability of 230 V connected Zigbee® devices)
Maximum per installationMax. 50 connected Zigbee® devices
Operating frequency2.4 GHz
Maximum RF power10 dBm

Protection degree

Ambient temperature    0 – 40 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD)

77 x 77 x 29 mm

Weight                                               90 ± 1 g
MarkingCE, Zigbee®
* This product must be secured with a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) of max. 16 A in the electrical cabinet. The MCB rating is limited by national installation rules.
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