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Activating the Digital black, 24 V as a thermostat


  • You programmed your Digital black with the Niko Home Control programming software and uploaded the program to your installation.
  • You onboarded your digital black using the Niko Home app.

Onboarding the Digital black, 24 V as a thermostat

During the onboarding process of your Digital black as a thermostat in the Niko Home app you can set or change the following parameters for a heating/cooling zone:

ParameterSet or change action
  • For a more accurate temperature reading, you can measure the room temperature with a classic thermometer (preferably in the middle of the room at 1,5m height) and set the delta between the actual measured temperature and displayed temperature on your Digital black.
  • To set the value in the Niko Home app use the formula "calibration offset = measured temperature - displayed temperature".
Set point for DAY, NIGHT, ECO, OFF and COOLAdjust the default temperature to your desired temperature level for each of the set points.
Programs per week (2 heating programs + 1 cooling program)
  • Adjust the default provided time schedules to your needs.
  • Add, change, remove set points.
  • Change activation times per set point.
  • You can easily copy a day in the week program to the next day.
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