Four types of push buttons with display are available:


Push buttons with display are integrated in a bridge. The bridge is mounted onto a standard flush-mounting box using screws.

  1. Connect the push button to the two-wire bus cable. Use the dual plug-in connector on the back of the control panel. This is marked with BB. Connect each wire separately to one of the contacts.

    • Strip the wires of the bus cable 9 - 10 mm.
    • A maximum of two wires with a diameter of 0.5 - 1 mm each can be connected per contact.

    The push button with display is now connected. Use the other opening of the contact to establish a connection to the next control element if required.

  2. Mount the bridge onto the single flush-mounting box using screws in order to secure the push button with display. Use a bridge with a set of claws if no screw holes are provided in the flush-mounting box.
    Two types of bridges are available:
    • bridge 60 x 71 mm with claw fixing (Belgium)
    • bridge 71 x 71 mm with screw fixing (the Netherlands)
  3. Complete the installation using the flush surround plate of your choice from our series Niko Pure, Niko Intense or Niko Original.

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