This topic describes the integration of products from partner brands into Niko Home Control II.

Here you can find which products from our partner brands you can link and what their features are:

Starting point


  1. Log in to your personal Niko Home Control page with your e-mail address and password.
  2. Click on the Connected services button. This is where you manage all the services linked to your installation, including those from partner brands.
  3. Select the ALL tab.
    Result: An overview of the available partner brands appears.
  4. Select the partner brand you want to add.
    Result: A pop-up window appears giving further instructions. 
  5. Follow the activation procedure. This will vary from partner to partner.
    Result: The partner brand is now activated.
    If your installation online, the activated partner brand will appear on your Niko Home Control app and/or touchscreen within a few minutes.
    If your installation is not online, then the activated partner brand will appear as soon as you bring your installation online.

    Extra programming will be needed in the Niko Home Control II programming software if you want to link the partner brand's functions to your installation.

    As an example:

    When you press the Standard 'all-off' button, the Velux skylights will close as well.

    You can find the comprehensive procedure for each partner brand in the Niko Home Control II User Manual.