• The Digital black may only be used as a thermostat in normal residential conditions.
  • To use the Digital black as a thermostat, your Niko Home Control installation needs to be equipped with the necessary heating or cooling module and connected controller.


This Digital black, 24 V variant is equipped with a temperature sensor and algorithm. It can be programmed as a zone-thermostat when linked to a Niko Home Control heating-cooling module (550-00150) or switching module (550-00103 or 550-00106) programmed for electrical heating. When the Digital black is used as a thermostat, you define the set points and week programs in the Niko Home app.

It supports the provided Niko Home Control set points (Day, Night, Eco, Off, Cool) as well as week programs (2 heating programs + 1 cooling program). You can set or change these set points and programs using the Niko Home app.

You can also use the Niko Home app to show temperature controls on your Digital black of other Niko Home Control heating/cooling zones or coupled 3rd party heating systems.

Know limitations

Display activation

Avoid very long or too frequent activation of the Digital black display, this might influence the temperature measurement inside the Digital black for some time.

If the display is activated too long or too frequently, the temperature control is suspended until the Digital black returns back within its normal internal operational temperature range.

Proximity sensor

The Digital black has a built-in proximity sensor. This sensor has a fixed range of 0 - 30 cm in a cone shape. When you approach the screen in this range, the Digital black wakes up from standby.