Switch off the mains.

  1. Install all connected and/or wireless Niko devices.

    2 m ≤ * < see specifications of the specific Niko device

  2. Connect the wireless smart hub via Wi-Fi or with a UTP cable.

    Wi-FiUTP cable (preferred)

  3. If you connected the smart hub via Wi-Fi, connect your mobile device to the following Wi-Fi network:
  4. To set the smart hub's network connection, proceed as follows:
    1. Open a web browser and go to the address: Nikoxxxx.local (xxxx = the last 4 characters of the smart hub’s MAC address (XX:XX)).

      On a mobile device, the smart hub's web portal is already open.

    2. Enter the password. The password is the smart hub’s serial number (SN:XXXXXXXXXX).
      Result: An overview of all available wireless networks is shown.

    3. Select your preferred network for the smart hub. (if applicable) Enter the password for this network.
      Result: The smart hub connects to your own wireless network. The smart hub stops broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network.

    To make changes to the Wi-Fi configuration of the smart hub, restart the smart hub by cutting the power supply for a couple of minutes. The smart hub will then transmit its own Wi-Fi network again for 5 minutes.