When do you use a basic action?

Creating a basic action is the simplest and fastest way to create an action between players. On the other hand, the behaviour of this type of action is always pre-defined. This means that you cannot add any additional functions. If you want to add greater intelligence to an action, you must use an advanced action.

What is the behaviour of a basic action and which players can be combined? 

  • lamp
  • switched socket outlet
  • switched ventilator
  • other switched output
  • virtual output
  • generic control points
  • touchscreen
  • switching on or off

  • dimmable lighting circuit
  • analogue output 0-10 V
  • analogue output 1-10 V
  • generic control points
  • dimming control
  • touchscreen
  • switching on or off
  • dimming


  • central ventilation system - switched
  • central ventilation system - 0/10 V
  • specific ventilation control point
  • touchscreen
  • ventilation low/normal/high/boost

  • roller shutter
  • sunblind
  • Venetian blind
  • generic control point
  • Specific motor control
  • touchscreen
  • opening/closing/stopping the motor


Generic controls and dimming controls cannot be combined in the same action.

  • Generic controls and motor controls cannot be combined in the same action.
  • All outputs within one action must be the same type.